23 January 2010


Isn't it funny how, despite how frequently MMOs are mentioned here, none of the entries have been about playing one..?

The best way to make money is, of course, to find people who have too much of it. Failing that, to provide a useful service or good that is in high demand; failing that, to prevent existing resources in an economy from going to waste.

The relationship between current and future value is not always clear. The information technology sector continues to draw heightened interest as the world's economy progresses and regional conflicts are seen as being less volatile than previous years, with the financial situation of the world emphasizing that a free market does not always result in the most stable or efficient of frameworks. Mitigation of risk in one direction may result in uncontrolled risks that are absorbed by the framework, until a limit is reached and the market's expectations reverse.

Anyway as I was saying... bots with large amounts of cash being banned in MMOs probably has an interesting effect! Do prices in the short term go up, or down? x.X

20 January 2010

Anticipating success

I was trying to figure out why I didn't want to listen to language clips ripped off an audio CD. They were so comforting and helpful before, when I was trying to learn. As I am spoiled, I only do the things I want to do, so I didn't put on my headphones and make myself listen to them.

Anyway, I figured it out but I can't say, and deleted what I had written, but before I did there was a mention of Sun Tzu's 'five dangers' as not actually being important to this post... I've been posting on forums recently so can't think straight lol >.< studyyyy

"if you hold a bird too tightly, it will die, and if you do not hold it tightly enough it will fly away"