08 October 2012



Smart people can make conclusions from limited information.

07 October 2012

While waiting

Time elapsed: 3 hours
"never leave" - not talking must not count
Kate: "not let leave"
email: implies relationship. if ended, cannot assume silence means further emails wanted.
50% higher chance to die

being nice to people -> not talking. due to thinking someone might be happy.
step 1: earn money. step 2?
(school cost: focal point, nonmonetary value. also brand tho)
life maybe harder without a car! more planning required.
"I don't mind dying" — best way to convince others is to believe it yourself. [later:] but when true~.
thesis: "meet and then die" is not an acceptable option
"legs numb"
not knowing what relationships are like : Fauna
(grapefruit juice)