24 March 2009

The Great Family

Now I've done it. Nothing else to do but make this post, as I'm waiting for downloads. Was avoiding this...

Murder statistics are surprising. I don't have all the links because I thought I wasn't going to make this post, but look up, for example... Gun politics, gun violence, Murder#Homicide (or wherever the comparison between countries is), Crime in China, Crime in Japan, Gun politics in the US, etc. The United States has a homicide rate an order of magnitude larger than most other developed countries, but what really distinguishes the US is the attention placed on the politics of violence. Other counties have much higher total homicide rates, and at the same time a higher proportion of those crimes committed using firearms; but only the US has huge debates about whether it's good or bad. It's no wonder other counties may view the US as being gun-crazy, I thought. What's more, even: homicide rate among black males is six times higher than the rest of the US population, and 90% of those are committed by another black male. The story that the first thing a Japanese host family asked a black student was whether he owned a gun, is not as surprising given these numbers lol. Cultural attitudes, apparently, have a lot to do with violence more than just laws or regulations. 25% of Americans own guns, most of them males; the 'sensible' perspective of whether lenient gun control laws increase or decrease violence is split between arguments that guns reduce violence (in sparsely populated areas) and ones that guns increase violence (in cities). But still the only reason that pistols are not highly controlled is that.. people in the US like their guns. o.0

heres me being lazy again:
16 Mar 2009
Bringing Mr Slippery to life, can it be done

Open source doesn't seem to have major content benefits or sharing between platforms, mostly because of namespace intersection in the server concept, making it hard to map to another application. Community as the selling point of a game

20 Mar 2009
'Escort' mission thru town, red but unattackable. Walking
no ideas about how guard and NPC names should show up or how to treat same-faction murderers...

My download isn't done. ;_; But, d*mnit, I still have another episode to watch before I need the ones that are downloading. I'll just clarify this, because I'm still really not sure about it: many open-source licenses are very commercially restrictive, due to having to release code for any project the open-sourced code is incorporated into. This means you cannot sell this software, at least not very well.. MMOs are unique etc, I hate saying the obvious, an open license might make development easier and has potential for unknown branches once you create the 'base' application to get momentum started. It implies that any subscription model, if you truly follow the spirit of open source and also develop the server application with a similar license, is because any paying customer is choosing to support the original developer and to interact with the rest of the paying customer base. This 'value-added' (sorry!..) social aspect is really unique among software types... as well as distinguished from other Internet-based methods like social networking sites by the independent storylines, the possibility of both closely and ambiguously defined definitions of progress, and objective, complex interaction methods within the world analogy.

This still doesn't say anything about Mr Slippery, or guards. Someone I know.. infected me with the idea of finishing an entire series in a single night once you get into it, and I just hope I don't burn out.

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