24 August 2009

"World of Warcraft"

(very lazy)

lvl 85
specialization, 'talent' variations (circular layout!)
downleveling to play with friends, heirloom items (and updated Onyxia >_> content obsoletion in general including entire zones/expansions)
Story specialization instead of power
ganking and PvP. Biggest option for new competitors, having options while leveling

more on item model
character is 60. Item is 1, but counts as 40 or 45
Effective level increased for low-level items if more proficient in that clothing style from use
Being able to use any item, not the same as being highly effective with any item immediately upon picking it up
Economic quality differ upon 'deterioration' events, avoidable vs unavoidable damage. Optimum differs for each case
Downleveling in instances good for story and social, regardless of power scaling

a friend is having relationship problems

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