23 November 2010

Historical perspective

"A unit of consumer price index represents a different amount of effort" < original post title was going to be "unproductive", this is just so the present title isn't confusing // changed title again so the explanation of the title is more clear

Wiki software, reputation system . not usefulness of information, but instead signal-to-noise ratio in making edits. can flag an edit as trolling when reverting, with the lack of good intention. can flag an undo/revert as poor judgement on good intentions of the edit, with no explanation or reasonable attempt to incorporate a useful perspective. this feedback is available for review by a selection of other parties, on the intentions as opposed to specialist knowledge of the information content. presentation of the general trends for an article, as well as users in the edit history. If a reversion is made by someone with a good reputation, it is less likely to be contested or reported. if a bad reputation, more confidence for sympathy in review of a bad faith judgement.

must leverage value of time differential between editors in a wiki

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