08 April 2009

In the Land of the two rivers

The city of mosques. I've seen it once. It and other places have gained yet more history, however distorted it may be for the average, news-biased person in this world, but at the cost of blood. News media in developed nations usually assume the reader knows nothing about past events, so their reporting focuses on changes to a situation without ever really managing to convey what's normal. Maybe I'll see it again some day, if things work out.

What the rat said. You can't control it all, and sometimes you don't have to... intentions are important, but so is the honesty of thought mentioned before. Restricting someone else's freedom by your expectations, by keeping wrong assumptions about what benefits them, will prevent you from trying at all. Dancing alone is hard, when you stumble and fall...

When the Japanese government was going to send a detachment to Iraq, an opposing party tried to physically block access to the podium and, Abir al-Janabi of Mahmudiyah was remembered well.. she gave others strength. There is the full story, and there is justice, and they don't have to contradict. Be careful where you put yourself, or you may do something you wish you didn't have to do.

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