20 April 2009

Path of Death

I don't really want this to be the place I put important things. But at the same time, there are some places you might only be able to go to once.

I don't have control when indulging myself. If I stop eating, it's because I'm not hungry anymore or feel like eating something that isn't available.. not because I feel I've eaten too much. Right now I'm not hungry >_<

A movie said that if you hold a bird too tightly, it will die, and if you do not hold it tightly enough it will fly away... maybe I'm saying too much, but you can't hide forever :P So that's why to know that something could exist is enough.

It isn't mind games.

i'm still afraid.

"To end": thread + winter

I was thinking. First, is there really no way to leverage an open source code base for an MMO? One of the problems of trying to share an MMO across multiple providers is not just trusted vendors, but also authenticating users of content and a particular transaction of that user with content providers. Trusted vendors is closely related to the attitudes that develop within the community towards progression and character identity. If a game allowed transfering a 'character' or other specific information between different vendors of a game, besides the basic technical issues there is also the validity of things that are viewed as achievements, and deciding whether to change any aspect of presentation in-game. Anyway, the point is that an OpenID-style model would let a game that has solved these problems transfer information from one provider to another, while being assured that the same person is in charge of both copies of this account until proven otherwise.

Second, a free alternative would probably change opinions towards banning as seen in current popular MMOs. Being able to switch providers might change it back and make this not a problem, but becoming a 'ghost' might be a different way, for things as simple as illegal account selling or trading. Someone wouldn't be banned, they would just become noticably different. Just a little too predictable, as if they weren't really there. Disturbing in strange ways. A silly smile and a repetitive argument... any normalcy is just evidence of the monstrous perversion that must be lurking behind this facade. A name that fuzzes out once in a while.

Someone could, of course, apply to fix any misinterpretation of evidence, but it importantly allows the retention of the idea that a character in-game is associated with a certain individual assuming that identity, while presenting the reinforcement of that idea entirely within the game's rules and not making reference to outside factors.

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