06 May 2009

The Son of Heaven,The Destroyer

A fire burning strongly, entrancing swirls and flickering brightness... captivating. But it may consume the path it travels on, existing only by continuing to find new places to go. In its wake it may leave ashes.

A culture is complicit in propagating attitudes like this. This culture in turn depends on what is possible, as there are always options in life and those who are not pleased with the options in one endeavor will find another. In a social game, options are dependent on the opinions and values of others. A short story . . .

There was once a country overrun with strife and conflict. This was thru the actions of an external source; but the country needed to cope with this and survive regardless of the cause. Strong social bonds and idealistic positions led to sectarian outrages, and all attempts to stop this could not succeed due to foolish actors on each side, due to extremist stances, criminal ignorance, or just being criminal. (terrorist.) A goon came to democratic power in the midst of political corruption, supported in his reign by other goons and thugs -- however, due to strong action as well as a resurgence from another sector, things became more peaceful . . .

Machiavelli did not consider his advice moral, but he did consider it effective. Under the idealistic position, this effectiveness does not excuse its lack of moral consistency. However, while actions and decisions may determine morality, the intent behind those decisions may be enough to change things... when there was no other way.

There is always the choice. Do YOU have it within yourself to become evil, when doing so would benefit persons other than you?

and don't be cr*p, and... another thing I don't remember, about a certain person, and... forgetting what it means to be happy

Defeating info sites, that may be run by companies with financial interests in exploiting edge of change
static directions, strategies, locations
static = predictable = defeated =
disappointment = boring

Adapting to overall player 'strategies'
item density in population affecting obtainability
How to determine, and adapt to locuses of tactics or information...?
Uncommon and current = good advice...

Locuses continued
Negating the value of 3rd-party sites by providing the same information by the game, and within the context of the story...
  • 'Legendaries' wielded by the correct individuals. stories & screenshot
  • changing text of dialogue in response to drastic loci jumps (compared to gradual loci drift at most times)

[BTW, clothing styles: graphical change for 'proficient' use of clothing in a style
        model changes when possible
        saturation or dampening/muddying of hues]

Dialogue change might be delayed. "We don't know, but there are rumors that..." participation of multiple characters, varying based on speaker, etc. Short-term memory of conversations and info given or not given. "I said I don't know!" Encourages knowledge sharing by players as well.

Respawn sensitive to players in area, encouraging grouping while maintaining difficulty afterwards

Possible to use 'community growth' concept for location of population concentrations?! Only works for social entities tho...
        same sense of dynamic story. Dialogue cues the location, etc.

Repeating myself: Uncommon and current = good advice

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