20 May 2009

"Do, or do not..."

It finally reached 100 degrees Fahrenheit here. I might have to wear sun screen to avoid getting a tan. :/

Do you know why I write this? I don't know if I will exist, and I am afraid I will forget. In other words, the standard reasons for a blog . . . but also resonating in an interesting way with the financial terrorist's 'reflexivity' or fallibility principle. I do not trust myself.

But I do trust other people. Anyway I think I might be starting to get less sick. It isn't the influenza strain going around, but it does make my tummy hurt.

"Do not think dishonestly." This was one of the recommendations of a famous warrior. The problem is, there are so many lies that people tell themselves that it can be hard to predict whether you can live without any lies.
as long as she is trying to be happy...
This is equal to being happy. I don't really know what the generalization for this is. It's hard to say whether someone could use this; 'trying' in this context means exploring every single possible approach and doing the most extreme things to reach a goal, which is a scary thing. Having someone tell you what to do might mean you aren't trying hard enough. ((Or that they aren't...)) But I think it works.

You can't even tell anyone about this, because it means hurting them... but I can let someone I don't know find it here. /frowns but if that means that I can't tell anyone about this place, then it isn't true. Always keep your options open.

/waves to anyone I know

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