07 February 2012


19 Apr 2011 4:20am

Shape of mind, adapt, react, chaos, persist, social, predict

3 May 2011
incentive (subset)

accumulation・separation[・enforcement], barriers (linking, effects of diversified experiences and sampling confidence)

vs scope of action..? local resolution at points of contact

※ benefits and dangers of 'level 0' thinking (aka "positive disintegration"); analogy to protein folding and directing vectors with limited information.

fate 12 May 2011
individual vs group ethics

stories for undirected minds to show that something can be done
stories for directed minds to show how it is done, or in some cases the reason it is not achieved

speech conveys expectations
possibility of being wrong

question 21 Aug 2011
progress is made by eliminating ideological sources of conflict


progress is made by eliminating physical sources of conflict

reflections 07 Dec 2011
. . .

society: fix economic problems, *then* reduce the working week

individual: accomplish personal goals, *then* address society's problems

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