11 June 2009

Music Video Overload

I'm so terrible at studying. I always think of other things. Occasionally it leads me to a conclusion, but my inability to concentrate usually results in wasting time.

A third conclusion. The first was a realization about the world, why people give up, and what you can do about it. The second was that in order to account for the inevitable review of a situation and transient emotional imbalances, you must avoid . . . certain thoughts.

The third is that if reasoning extends outside the self, it is acceptable to say that it can be wrong. In other words it may be necessary to disagree with yourself.

Why is income disparity in the United States so high? It doesn't seem to make sense. But it seems there may be no other way of making sure people work hard: suppose a very nice employer decided to pay every employee a high amount, trusting them to work hard. Even those with low ability can do well when they accept suggestions for improvement, instead of fighting against any such suggestion. But some employees would not work hard. The correct answer in this case would be to replace them; however, most people in the United States are selfish and assume the company is in conflict with its employees, instead of trusting them, and as a result there is something called 'job security'. Companies are not required to offer this in contracts, but in a contradictory fashion employees will be less motivated to work well when they perceive a company as not trusting them enough to ensure 'job security'. Consequently, companies cannot guarantee that an employee who is paid well will not be a liability; and are forced to pay well only those employees who have demonstrated that they are committed to the company's interests, because otherwise they would be sued for firing highly paid employees who were not fulfilling their responsibilities, under the public consensus that results in laws and government regulation. It would seem that salary is not seen as a strong reason to fire someone who does not do their job well, and that salary is not very good at motivating people to work.

Making one vs many fights more equal is essential for the combat system of an MMO! This is obvious from watching dramas. :P

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