14 June 2009


Some of the more helpful mental techniques that seem to have worked enough for me to remember them.

  • (see entry: "The Son of Heaven,The Destroyer") 1. don't be cr*p, 2. become evil 3. someone else..
  • X would have a positive outcome, so thinking about it now would be selfish. Focus on the present
  • This is one I don't remember and only thought of recently, but it seemed to work... "It wasn't only your choice"
  • "Everything is important. Nothing is important. Do you identify with one of these views. Do you identify with both of them"
  • the real warrior "...is not me"
  • A positive outlook, and anything to say that present circumstances will not happen again. Finding strength. Birthdays...

None of this contradicts the underlying currents, which are necessary to be able to trust yourself.

Juggling ideologies~ the world turns. And another day has passed.

Late edit: omg, Vladimir Putin has a black belt in judo

"Nothing is important"... sometimes I forget. Should add "summon enemies" to the list, sometimes being ineffective isn't important either. The cruelty of organizations is bounded by consequences of their mistakes. 04 July 2009

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